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PowerServ in brief

PowerServ (Power Plants Services Company S.A.E) is a joint stock company & a subsidiary of TEG (The Energy Group) established to serve the electrical power market in Egypt and the Middle East in the fields of EPC contracting and trading. We supply and install electrical/mechanical equipments and systems in three main fields: Power Generating Stations, Networks Substations and Renewable Energy.

PowerServ Services

Mechanical Services

PowerServ can supply, install, test most types of mechanical.

Electrical Services

PowerServ can design, install, and start up electrical projects.

Instrumentation Services

PowerServ designs new or modifies existing Systems.

QA/QC Testing Services

WE offer a wide range of testing, analysis and inspection services.

Calibration Services

PowerServ has a full-size mobile calibration laboratory.

Fire Fighting Sector

PowerServ is proud to represent FETAS.S

Instrumentation Fitting

PowerServ is proud to represent a Korean company (Superlok).

Solar Energy

PowerServ designs, projects and constructs photovoltaic systems.

PowerServ Solar Energy project output

Electricity Generated = 0 kWhr

Gas Emission = 0

Project Life Data