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Electrical Services

PowerServ can design, install, and start up electrical projects including:

  • Electrical substations systems
  • Switchgear systems
  • Transformers systems>
  • Photovoltaic roof systems>
  • Equipments generators systems
  • Power factor correction and main distribution panels systems
  • Lighting systems
  • Power and control systems

In addition, PowerServ partners are with experts in light current systems such as:

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Telecommunications Systems
  • Audio Visual and Security Systems

PowerServ represents market leaders in the manufacture of Electronics/ Electrical testing and measuring instruments such as:

  • High voltage breakdown test sets
  • Transformer oil test sets
  • Spark tester
  • Primary current injection sets
  • Secondary current injection sets
  • Relay test sets
  • Capacitance & tan delta test sets
  • Million mega ohm meters
  • Oil filtration
  • Transformer ratio meter
  • Specialized test equipment for electrical power industries and utilities

We are a single-source supplier of high quality test instruments to a broad range of industry segments, from core to ancillary sectors, from leading test and calibration laboratories to power generation and distribution companies, from manufacturers of transformers, motors and generators, to erecting and commissioning organizations.